Colonia in short

Colognia, the first Glamping complex in Eilat, was established in 2016. At Colonia, we strive for the perfect balance between the unique nature that surrounds us and optimal camping conditions, with one objective: to create the perfect guest experience. Colognia is situated near the Taba border crossing, on a private beach overlooking the Gulf of Eilat and the Edom Mountains. Our guests enjoy an alternative, unique accommodation experience, which utilizes the best of all worlds: spectacular nature and highest accommodation standards experience.

צור קשר
  • Address: 160 Egypt Road, Eilat
  • Phone: 054-4422025
  • Reservations: 054-4422025
  • Email:

Any Type of Event

סימן מתחם אירועים - קולוניה
מתחם אירועים חופה תמונה - קולוניה

Looking for the perfect location to celebrate a round-number birthday, a romantic anniversary or have a party with your friends? Let the nature of Colonia work for you, and trust our experienced team to plan, execute and manage a memorable event for you.

The Colonia event venue is suitable for a variety of events, from intimate parties with friends to corporate events and groups hosting. We will provide the equipment, the catering, and the excellent service of our professional and skilled staff.

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