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Colognia, the first Glamping complex in Eilat, was established in 2016. At Colonia, we strive for the perfect balance between the unique nature that surrounds us and optimal camping conditions, with one objective: to create the perfect guest experience. Colognia is situated near the Taba border crossing, on a private beach overlooking the Gulf of Eilat and the Edom Mountains. Our guests enjoy an alternative, unique accommodation experience, which utilizes the best of all worlds: spectacular nature and highest accommodation standards experience.

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  • Address: 160 Egypt Road, Eilat
  • Phone: 054-4422025
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An Exclusive Dive Club

סימן מועדון צלילה קלארטי
צלילה במועדון צלילה קלארטי

If you have always dreamed of learning to dive like a pro, of snorkeling with the kids or of taking a quick dive to experience the flora and fauna of the Red Sea up and close - then you are vacationing in the right place. The Colonia guests enjoy discounts at the “Clarity” dive club, situated near the tent complex, which provides a variety of diving training courses for all levels and maritime activities for the whole family.

Colonia's location - close to the Taba border and the southern coral reef reserve - makes diving in “Clarity” a unique experience, quiet and intimate more than at any other dive club in Eilat.

Diving Courses and Water Activities at “Clarity”

Diving Courses: < /br>The club offers a range of diving courses for beginners and advanced, taught by experienced instructors and in accordance with the SDI standards - a leading organization in recreational diving. The SDI diver’s certifications are known and accepted in dive clubs all over the world. The club offers basic Open Water Diver courses (One star and Two star) and Advanced Open Water Diver courses (Rescue Diver and EFR course, and Divemaster course).

Water Activities:< /br>Guided Snorkeling: An activity for the whole family - without scuba gear and without tanks, free and happy! Before setting off, the guide will explain everything you need to know about the proper use of the mask, the snorkel and the fins. So, go out together for a swim along the coral reef reserve on the southern coast.< /br>Introductory Dive: This will allow you to taste the magical world of diving while closely accompanied by a guide. “Clarity” instructors will provide diving equipment to fit your size, and you will be briefed on the basics of diving, underwater communication and how to perform some simple operations. After the briefing, you will enter shallow water for training, and from there you will continue to dive to a depth of up to 6 meters.< /br>"Discover Diving" Experience: : If you fancy a little more than an introductory dive, join in for the "Discover Diving" experience. This is actually the first day of the diving course, on which you will learn theoretical knowledge, setting up the diving gear, proper breathing and water exercises.

For additional information, rates and discounts for the Colonia resort guests, please visit the Dive Club Website.

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